Anniversary with Abort Magazine

West of Hell

While I’ve been a photographic hobbyist for a number of years, I’ve only officially been shooting live music for one year now (for Abort Magazine).  In said year, I’ve had the opportunity/honour to photograph 159 different artists:  many of them local indie artists from the Vancouver area and from across Canada and the US.  I’ve also been lucky enough to shoot several big name artists in

Susie Meyers of Over the Coals

various venues in Vancouver:  from small pubs to arena shows and everywhere in between.  I’ve called The Rickshaw Theatre my second home and have had the chance to improve my skills in photography by dealing with different lighting in various rooms.  I even had the chance to shoot a two day festival in Armstrong BC (Armstrong MetalFest), and managed to capture every one of the thirty-two bands who performed there.  I work hard at what I do, and I feel the results are becoming better with every click of the shutter and my work becomes more and more consistent. There is certainly more to learn as I venture forth, discovering

Dez Fafara – DevilDriver

new angles and playing with light in ways that are more creative.  I strive to capture the energy of the performer, the visual display on the stage, and the excitement of the crowd.  I don’t always get it, but when I do, I feel a bit warm and fuzzy inside. I want to send out some love and thanks to all the amazing artists that have stood before my lenses and allowed me to capture their blood, sweat and tears and share them with the rest of the world.  And thank you to Abort Magazine for giving me the chance to do something that turns out to be what runs through my veins.  How did it take so long for me to find my path?

Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society

Here’s all the artists I’ve captured (hope I didn’t miss anyone) with Facebook links:

Local to Western Canada Indie Bands (somewhat in order they were shot):

Pedwell, Sick Logic, Splittract, My Coma, Makaria, Abriosis, Titan’s Eve, West of Hell, Versus the Nothing, Ninjaspy, MassGrave, Astrakhan, ElevatorCompactor, Harvest the Infection, Needs, Cathar, Mete Pills, Life Against Death, Burning Ghats, Dungeons, Nightmother, Bear Mace, Dig Your Graves, Expain, Memorial, Aquanaut, WTCHDR, Anchoress, Galgamex, Avi Smith, Chris Witoski, Gavin Mullen, Jacob Dryden, Matt Cairns, Altered Throne, Dead Asylum, Auroch, Mitochondrion, Tyrant’s Blood, Weapon, Entity, Gross Misconduct, Nylithia, Erosion, Haggatha, Baptists, Hopeleus, Tobeatic, Anciients, Mike Hodsall, Johnny Wakeham, T. Nile, Gordon Smith, Over the Coals, Entropia, Cocaine Moustache, HellChamber, Jar, Zuckuss, Sinned, The Thick of It, Fallen Phoenix, Baryon, Out of the Ruins, Witch of the Waste, Magnus Rising, Holicus, Warlock Enforced, Terrifier, Striker, The Nautilus, Seven Nines and Tens, Wiser Fool, Hoopsnake, Black Wizard, Mournir, Lethal Halo, Iron Kingdom, Omega Crom, Scythia, Unleash the Archers, Slagduster, Snaggletooth, Bushwhacker, Remember Lite-Brite?, Guts & Glory, Damn the Eyes, The Easy Brothers, Bone Daddies, Howard St. Roy, Digging Roots, Gomorrah, The New Arcadia, Finishymn, Trollband, Cast Into Ashes, Scimitar, Death Toll Rising, Xul, Bison (BC), Deveined, Dissimillis, Drop Dead Fred, Atrous Leviathan, Meatcutter, Kyoktys, Mortillery, Divinity, Archspire, As the King, Maniac From Prison, Sexy Decoy, Destroy All, Amputoctopus, Dead Again, Hole in my Head, Northern, On Lock, Evilosity, Ogroem, God Said Kill, Red Ant Army.

Eastern Canada and International Touring Acts:

Steve Vai, Death by Stereo, Agnostic Front, Endast, Dayglo Abortions, Napalm Death, Municipal Waste, Insomnium, Alestorm, Epica, The Devin Townsend Project, Gojira, Jason Bonham, Witch Mountain, Scott Kelly and the Road Home, Exodus, Anthrax, Mouth of the Architect, Scale the Summit, Intronaut, Reign of Lies, Lightning Swords of Death, Melechesh, Vreid, Shinedown, KISS, Holy Grail, Suffocation, Death Division, Hellyeah, Device, Black Label Society, Megadeth, Fatality, After the Burial, DevilDriver, Trivium.

Great things are in store from the magazine and the great underground music scene we have here in Vancouver, so stay tuned!

Trent Hafdahl – After the Burial

Unleash the Archers

Frank Bello of Anthrax